27th & 28th NOVEMBER

SELECTED from Bilbao is a space where you can discover, share and be inspired by the latest graphic trends from all around Europe. Over two days, SELECTED from Bilbao will supply all the creativity and inspiration you need. The festival takes place in Bilbao, the charming capital of Biscay, and invites attendees to participate in a programme packed full of activities: international artists, the Academic Lab, a round table, branding experts, exhibitions and lots more.

With new developments appearing every day, the future of the graphics industry is a mystery. Being up to date is a must for all graphic design and visual arts professionals. One of the main aims of SELECTED from Bilbao is to provide a relaxed environment in which participants can learn about the current situation, take part in debates, explore the relationship between companies and design, exchange ideas and share creative solutions with other professionals. Get geared up for the future!

Visual Inspiration and creativity

SELECTED from Bilbao is pleased to announce that new features and new guest artists have been added to the programme. We would also like to inform all graphic design and visual arts professionals and students that we have just opened our CALL FOR ENTRY. Please don’t forget to check our website regularly, as we have a lot of new content coming up.

Bilbao is the perfect place for an event like this. A vibrant city that has undergone a dramatic change from being an industrial city to being an innovative city open to culture, social movements and design. Awarded City of Design status by UNESCO in 2014, Bilbao is quickly becoming a European reference in design and culture.

We invite you to participate in the upcoming events and to discover everything that SELECTED from Bilbao has to offer you. We hope to see you all in November!


In the last six editions, SELECTED from Bilbao brought together the best selection of artists and participants to explore and share their knowledge with our community of visual arts professionals.