Two Wheels - Chains, Sprockets & Design

Index Book

25 €

This book explores the rise of this phenomenon, and gives a look at the design side of cycling – in the bicycles themselves, and in related products and cycling-inspired materials.

DIY: Ideas para envolver tus regalos

Index Book

16.95 €

First title from the new collection DIY, Do It Yourself, about wrapping. Organised into four chapters: Wrapping Paper, Boxes & Envelopes, Bows and Wrap, they will show the final product as well as step by step images of the entire process.

Encuadernacion DIY

Handy Books

16.95 €

Bind it yourself shows you all the techniques and tricks to make notebooks and other bound creations that are beautiful, creative and functional, all by yourself.

Decoracion de Navidad

Handy Books

9.90 €

SI te gustan las manualidades, aquí tienes unas propuestas para decorar tu casa en Navidad.

Setting the Scene - Exploring Set Design

Index Book

30 €

Setting the Scene compiles fresh, innovative and stunning set designs to highlight the importance it has in modern photography.

Managing Design for Profits

Xènia Viladàs

20 €

Managing Design for Profits provides guidelines on an effective integration of the function of design in the company, helping to reduce the risks of taking decisions. The tools and concepts offered in these pages are open so that each one makes them personal. It is not a treatise of design ma ...

Urban Marketplaces

Index Book

35 €

This compilation brings together projects that represent the forefront of retail design, including temporary pop-up spaces, established businesses, emerging brands and more.

Upcycling. Decora tu casa dando nueva vida a objetos cotidianos.

Handy Books

16.95 €

The book shows you how you can add a personal, creative touch to your surroundings by using things that might otherwise be recycled or thrown away.

Tempus Fugit - World's best calendar design

Bildi Grafiks

48 €

A visual feast exploring the concept of time. 2010 Red Dot Design Award winning book.

Selected D Graphic Design from Europe

Index Book

28 €

This inspiring and thoroughly creative book gives a glimpse into the current European design scene. Includes works on Editorial Design, Packaging, Illustration and typography among others.


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