Select i, Graphic Design from Spain

Index Book

55 €

The 9th edition of Index Book's yearbook on Spanish graphic design and new media projects completed in 2009.

Festivals Graphics

Index Book

25 €

Festivals Graphics explores the use of graphic arts in festivals dedicated to music, design, dance, theatre, cinema and arts. It features 32 different festivals from all over the world, with a special section dedicated to celebrating the 20th anniversary of Sónar.

Pack Behind Illustrations 2 + Spectrum

58 €


49 €

Pack Notebooks Blank

22 €

Quimera Collection || MyStuff is a new brand that include stationery products, gift items and fashion accessories.

4 Notebooks blank:
Shebird, Octaviat, Wheelson and Walden

Diccionario visual de preimpresión y producción

Gavin Ambrose y Paul Harris

25 €

The Visual Dictionary of Pre-Press and Production is a comprehensive guide to over 250 terms relating to the preparation and production of print and digital media.

Upcycling. Decora tu casa dando nueva vida a objetos cotidianos.

Handy Books

16.95 €

The book shows you how you can add a personal, creative touch to your surroundings by using things that might otherwise be recycled or thrown away.

Pioneros del Diseño Gráfico en España

Emilio Gil

45 €

The first monographic book published in Spain featuring, through almost 1,000 images, the brilliance and excellence of 15 Spanish graphic artists from the period between 1939-1975.

Spectrum A Book Full of Colour

Index Book

28 €

This collection attempts to compile a group of art and design projects of various types that show an effective, innovative use of colour, showing the meaningful effect it can have when employed with care.

Pack Trucos de Web e Internet

Varios Autores

53 €


19.90 €

Pack containing: 500 trucos, técnicas y sugerencias para web y 500 trucos, técnicas y sugerencias de Internet


Hector Ayuso

39 €

WEMADETHIS.ES is an instant that captures, with diverse languages, the singular undergoing project that is Spain.


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